Who we are




Sighthound Sundays is primarily run by Kathy and Nick with the help of their lurcher Max and growing community of Sighthound friends.

We are a friendly community of Sighthound lovers based in east London and meet the first Sunday of the month in Victoria Park for a social stroll and zoomie after.


The monthly walks took shape following the success of the Great Global Greyhound Walk in June where hounds and humans were keen to know when the next walk would be!

The first official walk under the Sighthound Sundays moniker took place on July 1st 2018 in Victoria Park, east London and was attended by some new and old pointy noses.

Great Global Greyhound Walk June 2018 photo by Ben Starr

Meet the team

So you’ve already met Kathy, Nick and Max, please meet our growing family walk leaders!

Whippet blue team

We have a couple of whippet teams, the blue and the red.

Kelly, Brad and whippt Rolo have been walking with us since September and are part of our original crew of walk leaders. You can’t miss Rolo, he is always sporting a fancy outfit.


Luna and Grayson are Hancock lurchers and they often form part of the whippet blue team with their humans Louise and Jeb.


Benni the whippet helps out from time to time with his human Rachael.


Whippet red team

Sun the whippet lights up our live and she is part of our original team of walk leaders with her mammas Beatriz and Carmela.

Ralph the Italian Greyhound forms part of the red team with his dads Ryan and Kyle, if you have an iggy come and join the red crew!

We also have a brand new team member, Pucci another sassy iggy. Pucci will be coming with his human Antonio.


Lovely Ada the whippet travels from near Greenwich to be part of the red team with her folks Jo and Mark.


Greyhounds, lurchers and other larger sighthounds yellow team

If you are one of the above then you’ll be joining the yellow team, which is the walking group that kicks off the walk by leaving first.

Meet Mac Pickles, king of E17 and owner of Danielle and Richard, who came along to the GGGW 2018 with their beloved and dearly missed longdog , Jake.

Sarah and Doug are long term walk leaders and part of the SHS creative team.

Sarah designed the gorgeous branding for Sighthound Sundays and Duggie also rocks the responsible muzzle to protect him from those pesky squirrels. What a dream team!


Handsome greyhound George is another long time member of SHS, he also came along to the GGGW in June 2018 with his dads Christopher and Andrew.


Pumpkin the lurcher comes with the whole family, Kim, Kyle, Elaine and Ivor who is also one of our resident walk photographers.