2020 Nordic Scarves
2020 Nordic Scarves
2020 Nordic Scarves
2020 Nordic Scarves
2020 Nordic Scarves

2020 Nordic Scarves

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Support your favourite rescue with the purchase of a scarf! We will be shipping mid November so perfect timing for your Christmas shopping  

The #SCARP is back, with a whole new look for winter 2020. Get your paws on this limited edition Nordic-inspired football scarf, designed exclusively for Sighthound Sundays by Sarah Hiraki and her rescued greyhound, Duggie. Soft and stylish, in classic colours to compliment any wardrobe or fur colour.

140x18 cm
80% acrylic / 20% lycra

Support your rescue of choice 

This winter choose which rescue you’d like to support through your scarf purchase! Simply enter one of the listed unique 3 letter codes below when promoted in check-out. All proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the organisation of your choice in December 2020!

ADR - Arundawn Dog Rescue

AFR - Agár fajtamentés Rescue (Hungary)

APF - A Place for Us Greyhound Rescue & Adoption (US)

AZG - Amazing Greys (Australia)

CAR - 112 Carlota Galgos (Spain)

CCR - Candy Cane Rescue

DRK - Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels

GEP - Greys Eleven Plus

EGL - Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

FFR - Foal Farm Rescue

FFG - Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Centre (US)

FHT - Forever Hounds Trust

FLR - Fall in Love with a Rescue

GAL - Greyhound Adoption League Texas (US)

GES - Galgo Espanol Swiss

GDS - Galgos del Sol (Spain)

GAP - Greyhound Gap

GGR - Grace Greyhound Rescue

GIM - Greyhounds in Motion (US)

GIN - Greyhounds in Need

GRW - Greyhound Rescue Wales

HER - Happy Endings Rescue

HGR - Hector’s Greyhound Rescue

HRE - Hope Rescue

HFP - Hope for Podencos (Spain)

JWR - Just Whippet Rescue

KGR - Kent Greyhound Rescue

LOZ - Lozzas Lurcher Rescue

LLR - Lurcher Link Rescue

LSOS - Lurcher SOS

MCGR - MotorCity Greyhound Rescue (US)

NGR - Norfolk Greyhound Rescue 

NHA - New Hope Animal Rescue

PFT - Paws for the Cause

RGO - Romford Greyhound Owners Association

SSS - Slaughterhouse Survivors

TCD - The Comfort Dog Project (Uganda)

TIA - Tia Rescue

TIG - The Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity

WGK - Whittingham Greyhound Kennels