Christmas cards - Festive Floris

Christmas cards - Festive Floris

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Charity Christmas cards available NOW!

This year we have teamed up with a number of sighthound owning female artists who have designed exclusive cards for us.

Each pack contains 5 cards of a single 5x7 design with envelopes.

Special offer any 4 packs for £20 plus postage.

Proceeds from each pack will go to support a number of rescues this year.

Please note the cards will ship from mid November.

About the artist

Madeleine Garcia-Larsson aka Mufito Art is a Spanish/Swedish self taught illustrator based in the UK.

Madeleine discovered coloured pencils in mid 2017 after trying acrylics and watercolours, a journey of self discovery.
The first animal she drew was a greyhound after falling in love with the breed. When she learnt more about their plight and those of the Galgos in Spain she knew she wanted to help raise awareness of these sighthounds.

In 2019 Madeleine collaborated with Sighthound Sundays on a set of exclusive Christmas Cards which went on to raise thousands of pounds for rescues.

Madeleine hopes to be able to continue her work full time and have a couple of rescue galgos by her side (preferably in sunny Spain)

Madeleine prides herself in being very professional and using the best materials to create her ultra realistic portraits. She loves having fun with her work and has become friends with her clients.

You can find Madeleine on: